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Job Searching

This component provides structured and individualized support for conducting successful job search. We will assist in clarifying your employment and training needs, develop short and long term goals, conduct job search and explore training opportunities. An Employment Service Plan is developed that will identify the steps required to meet your training/employment goals.

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Employment Counselling

Once it has been determined you will benefit from assisted services, our employment counsellor will meet with you to:

  • Explore, identify and clarify interests, skills, abilities, skills, education and experience in relation to short and long term career and employment goals
  • Exploration of occupational and training requirements related to career and employment goals
  • Orientation to the workplace; rules and expectations of employers, rights and responsibilities of Employers
  • Support for disclosure of disabilities that may affect workplace participation
  • Support in assessing qualifications against job requirements
  • Information about and supported access to professional accreditation, credential and prior learning assessment


As the Employment Ontario transformation evolves, this component of the service may also evolve to include access and support for training in the following areas:

  • Help in matching skills and interest with work opportunities
  • Help in facilitation of work opportunities and negotiation of the employment relationship on their behalf
  • Experiential or on-the-job training\placement support in identifying and resolving workplace issues that may affect their success
  • If necessary financial support to remove barriers to participation


Employers may receive financial incentives to provide on-the-job training, including apprenticeship training, work experience opportunities and/or skill level assessments for participants in trial placements.

The Placement Incentive for employers is intended to:

  • Encourage employers to provide on-the- job training placements, work experience opportunities and/or skill level assessments to support an individual’s employment/labour market goals consistent with the needs of the labour market
  • Encourage employers to support participants in addressing gaps in their credibility, skills and experience
  • Offset some of the employers’ costs for training participants
  • Encourage employers to register/hire and train a client as an apprentice


The amount of the incentive may vary based on complexity of job skill level required and length of training required.


Apprenticeship training is a hands-on training program in which the skills of a trade or occupation are learned in the workplace. This training is supplemented by theoretical instruction delivered in a college of applied arts and technology or other approved training delivery agency. Depending on the trade or occupation, apprenticeship training programs take from two to five years to complete. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has produced fact sheets on the 58 trades that have the most apprenticeship registrations. To find out more about these trades go to


Job/Training Retention supports longer-term attachment to or advancement in the labour market or completion of training and is in addition to regular placement monitoring, support and follow up. Both clients/participants and employers receive this enhanced support when an on-the-job placement, training completion, employment and/or advancement are unlikely to succeed without further assistance.


Our Employment Service Staff will provide participants/clients with information on and referrals to all Employment Ontario employment and training programs and services.

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